Forex books

Here is a selection of books that will help you learn trading basics and feel confident on the market. Notice that all the books on the list are in English.
If you are short of time and need a quick yet sufficient summary about trading essentials, you can always read articles in our Forex guide book.

Forex Trading: Learn How to be consistently successful in Forex Trading

Forex Trading: Learn How to be consistently successful in Forex Trading

Rick Novak

If you lack confidence or want to start your business as a Forex trader, this is the book for you, because it covers the fundamentals of the market, and gives you a good foundation of knowledge to help you begin to trade currency pairs.

Why should you become a Forex Trader? This book provides insights and motivation about how to become a successful Forex Trader. If you are planning to launch an independent career as an Forex Trader, this book will prepare you for this new business model.
This book on How to Become a Successful Forex Trader offers Forex training to traders of all levels. Learn to trade the currency market using the latest tools and software, and make predictions based on careful training from this Forex Trading Course.

This book offers the most honest and relevant training and mentoring resources to the Forex trading community. This step-by-step course has everything you need to learn to become a successful Forex trader.

A must have book for every aspiring Forex entrepreneurs. This stellar book is full of information and resources to build a successful Forex Business. Grab this book NOW to start making profits and begin your journey to success with confidence!

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