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An Introduction to Remote Viewing the FOREX. Schumann Resonance Coherence Secrets.: Published by the Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health.

An Introduction to Remote Viewing the FOREX. Schumann Resonance Coherence Secrets.: Published by the Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health.

Scott Rauvers

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This latest edition published by the Institute for Solar Studies on Behaviour and Human Health lists our latest discoveries and technology concerning intuition and remote viewing the markets. It includes specific substances in essential oils that enhance remote viewing and explains why the full moon enhances precognition. Standing waves are also briefly covered and how they enhance ARV sessions via the Schuman resonance. Seasonal cycles of the solar wind are also covered and we cover the emerging science of HeartMath with chapters devoted to cosmic rays and the polar cap index. We at the solar institute hope you‘ll enjoy this next edition.

380 pages

Partial Listing of Chapters
Chapter 2. Frequencies Emitted by Solar Activity and the Moon.
Lunar Cycles and ESP, The Magnetosphere, What is the sun's 10.7cm Radio Flux?, Thunderstorms and the Full Moon, More Cosmic Rays Occur during Solar Eclipses and the Full Moon, Magnetotail Frequencies caused by the Moon's Orbit, The Solar Wind and its Interaction with Earth’s Magnetosphere, 10Hz and Reactions, Standing
Waves, Holograms and Standing Waves, Standing Waves and Music.
Chapter 4. ESP Organs of the body.
Chapter 5. Solar Weather and Its Effects upon Earth and the Moon.
Earth’s Magnetosphere and ESP, Cycles of the Sun’s Solar Wind, The 2 Main Speeds of the Sun's Solar Wind, Cycles of Solar Wind Speeds, The Solar Wind, Full Moons and RetroPK, The 2 Main ARV Cycles, What does Deviation from the Elliptic Mean?, The Solar Radiation Shielding Effect, Cosmic Rays and Computer Malfunctions.
Chapter 6. Electrical Activity of the Heart Surpasses that of the Brain.
Chapter 7. Coherence and the Heart.
Essential Oils that Stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System. Oxytocin as a Natural Fear Repellent, Herbs with oxytocic properties, Essential Oils and their Effects Upon the Heart, The Power of Limonene.
Chapter 9. How to use Coherence to Enhance Intuition and Psychic Ability, What is Heart Intelligence?, The 3 Main Types of Intuition, The Full-Moon Effect and its Amplification Effects on Intuition, Pre-Stimuli and Moon Phase, The Full Moon and its Effects on Physical Endurance, What
is the Step Test?.
Chapter 10. Coherence within the Body’s Internal Functions Techniques for Expanding Coherence, Coherence in Meditating Monks.
Chapter 11. The Schuman Resonance and its Effects upon the Human Body Anticipatory Reactions.
Chapter 14. Acetylcholine its Effects upon Human Brainwaves Methods and Herbs that Enhance Acetylcholine Levels, The Full Moon.
Chapter 15. HRV and related Parameters that Influence Coherence
Chapter 16. The Autonomic Nervous System.
HRV and Limonene, A few Quick Facts about the Autonomic Nervous System, Juniper Berry and the Autonomic Nervous System, Ultra Low Frequencies (ULF) and their Effects upon Biological Organisms, Solar Weather's Effect upon the
Human Nervous System, The Nervous System as an Antenna, The Receiving of Information, Pulsed
Electric Fields, What are Pulsed electric fields (PEF)?,
Chapter 28. Cycles of Geomagnetic Activity and the Moon
Chapter 29. Creating a Template for Remote Viewing the Financial Markets
The Basic Fundamentals of Initiating an Associative Remote Viewing Protocol for the FOREX and Dow Jones Markets, Creating the Framework, Making Money on a Falling Market, Finding Favorable Solar Weather Conditions for an ARV Session, Finding the “sweet spot”.
Solar Weather Forecasting Tools and Links

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