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Here is a selection of books that will help you learn trading basics and feel confident on the market. Notice that all the books on the list are in English.
If you are short of time and need a quick yet sufficient summary about trading essentials, you can always read articles in our Forex guide book.

Learn Forex Trading in 5 Days: Forex For Beginners (Learn in 5 days Book 1)

Learn Forex Trading in 5 Days: Forex For Beginners (Learn in 5 days Book 1)

Adesanmi Adewumi

This book is for Forex beginners or intermediate traders which aims to earn above 10% monthly from forex. Embedded, is a nice trading strategy that yields return above that of the market average monthly. The book teaches in a concise and newbie friendly manner; all the essentials of trading forex from what the market is all about, how profit is made, money management, Forex trading styles, among others.
More so, all the information necessary to make any newbie in the financial market to kick-start his Forex trading career in profits is embedded. From all the common mistakes that make new traders lose money, frequently asked questions, Freebie links, recommended reputable brokers that will not hunt profits and many more.

Upon reading and practicing the strategies and advice embedded in the book, one is guaranteed to make profits and avoid the major pitfalls that wreak havoc to most traders.

Kindly find the link to the performance of the system embedded in this book below.

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