A Look Back at Phenomenal Breakthrough

A Look Back at Phenomenal Breakthrough

With Christmas lights all over the FBS headquarters, it is high time we showed you the results of our shared growth throughout 2018. We spent this truly remarkable year in devotion to such company values as reliability, client-focus, and “we can” attitude. Our joint efforts with partners and clients let us get amazing statistics by the end of the year.



11 million traders from 197 countries around the globe trust us.


They are ready for hitting ambitious financial goals and are highly motivated to develop. For this purpose, FBS offers a variety of educational resources for all tastes, starting from on-site materials, news, blog posts and finishing with free off-line seminars in the most active regions as well as weekly webinars.

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This year we introduced the FBS CopyTrade application – a social trading platform that allows Investors to copy successful traders’ performance, and Traders – to share their expertise and get a commission for the copied patterns.spacee-small (1).jpg


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Partnersspacee-small (1).jpg

370,000 partners made our team shine bright this year.

We were delighted to show our respect and meet these amazing professionals at the FBS Leaders Summit in Sentosa, Singapore. We enjoyed the chill atmosphere on the deck of a luxurious yacht and the team spirit that was so vibrant in the air. The event gave us a true perspective and inspiring feedback from people who look in the same direction as us.


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We like to boost our colleagues’ interest that is why we offered them a Partner Bonus - a real chance to get additional income up to $3,000 along with clients’ deposits and lots they trade.

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New Instruments

We believe that no growth is possible without quality and up-to-date services requested by the market.

We added USD/ZAR and USD/BRL currency pairs to our trading instruments and launched new payment systems for China and Brazil.

December was marked by a new investment possibility. Traders can now invest in stocks of around 100 companies from the US Stock Exchange market.


Besides, due to high demand, we re-established Micro Accounts - the most secure account type for beginners.

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When the world is a better place it is easier to dream big. Success measured in numbers cannot be compared to the moments of joy that people experience when they unexpectedly fulfill their dreams.

In 2018 we are extremely proud of the Dreams Come True promotion. It made 12 people around the world understand that they should speak up and believe in wonders. We stuffed the kids’ library with new books, bought school starter kits, organized a dream journey, sent parcels for supporting people’s hobbies (a drone and cameras) and even fixed a banner for a small optical shop.


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Money is nothing if they cannot change somebody’s life for the better. The holy month of Ramadan is a perfect time to think about people that seek compassion and help. We are so inspired that the annual charitable promotion during this month has become a real tradition for FBS. All the $310, 478 from spread and IB commission were distributed among 7 charitable organizations that support the ones in need.

Unfortunately, sometimes out of the blue disasters that ruin lives happen. The essential here is to react promptly and efficiently. Laos flood and Lombok earthquakes at the end of August left us heartbroken. However, we took a position of doers. We sent FBS trucks together with FBS team members with basic life supplies and medicines. We reached remote areas with a sole hope that this can simplify victims’ lives at least in short terms.

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FBS works hard and parties even harder! In February we celebrated our 9th Birthday in Surabaya. Then in August followed an unforgettable traders’ party in Cairo. Meeting you and spending quality time together always gives us fresh ideas.


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We like to share our experience in the industry and follow the trends. Thus, we attended 8 financial exhibitions and fairs this year, including Cairo Investment Expo 2018, one of the most popular events of the Arabian region.


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In June 2018 the World Cup spree was all around. We couldn’t miss it and made FBS Football Journey contest. As a result, 55 traders had a chance to visit Russia and blend in the international crowd of fans.


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This year turned out to be very fruitful – our efforts were appreciated by experts and market leaders. Together with 7 international awards, we got a clear understanding of how we want to develop. FBS was recognized as a reliable, transparent broker with a great range of trading instruments. Besides, our promising FBS CopyTrade application was voted as well. Here is a list to be proud of:


- “Most Transparent Forex Broker - 2018” and “Best Forex Trading Account 2018” by the UK Shares Magazine

- “Best Copy Trading Application Global - 2018” and “Best Forex Broker Asia-2018” by CFI.co, the London-based financial magazine

- “Best Investor Education - 2017” by Hexun

- “Best FX IB Program - China 2017” by China Forex Technical Analysis Expo and Y2 Forum

- “Most Promising Broker – 2018” by FXEmpire

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Client Services

Our support team is growing through results each year. The incredible speed of fewer than 30 seconds per request and 95% of satisfied clients are our best proof of success and an endless source of inspiration.


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The number of chats with clients is similar to the number of Milan residents. Imagine it is 1,406,000 and approximately 5,000 conversations per day! Our specialists have solved 240,000 requests making your daily trading easy and transparent.

It is the first time that we share our marketing highlights. We want you to know more about us, communicate, and leave feedback. Information is power! See how social media influence has grown.

We improved the visualization greatly and are delighted to get 118% more Instagram followers. The Facebook community is glowing as well. Together we are 1,199,478 people!

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Loyalty Program

Welcome a cherry on top of the year 2018! In December the long-awaited Loyalty Program started. It brought thousands of participants over the first 24 hours. Packed with cool gifts, services, and events the program adds excitement to your trading experience. If you haven’t decided on your aim for the next year, Mercedes Benz S-Class or a Rolex watch can be your option.



We thank you for being with us all this year! Our growth is a shared victory.

That is why our main resolution for 2019 is to stay together and skyrocket!

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