FBS reaches Africa

FBS reaches Africa

At FBS, we work every day to make this world a better place and help people in need.

In early January, FBS Seoul Office joined Korean mission in the Gambia. Located in the Western Africa, the Gambia is one of the poorest countries in the world: its per capita GDP amounted to 484 USD in 2016. It means that an average person in the Gambia lives on $1.33 a day. Moreover, wellbeing of an average person in the Gambia has declined comparing to 2008 when it was $1.66 per day.

Gambians suffer from poor access to clean water, safe food, necessary clothes, let alone education, medicine, and infrastructure. It took the mission almost a week to get to the distant local communities tucked away from the major roads.

FBS Seoul office went to the Gambia with a two-day special program aimed at helping local communities. They lived in the same poor houses, giving away food and clothes to those in need. Also, they brought necessary education materials so that little Gambians have a chance to study and improve.

At FBS, we deeply believe that helping people in need is essential for sustainable development and growth. Being a socially responsible broker, FBS will continue to hold charity campaigns and provide support for various public charity initiatives.

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ম্যানেজার শীঘ্রই ফোন দেবে।

নম্বর পরিবর্তন করুন

আবেদন গ্রহন হয়েছে

ম্যানেজার শীঘ্রই ফোন দেবে।

অভ্যান্তরীন ত্রুটি দেখা দিয়েছে। অনুগ্রহ করে কিছুক্ষণ পরে আবার চেষ্টা করুন

আপনি পুরনো ভার্সনের ব্রাউজার ব্যাবহার করছেন।

লেটেস্ট ভার্সনে আপডেট করুন অথবা অন্য একটি ব্যাবহার করুন সুরক্ষিত, আরো সুবিধাজন এবং ফলদায়ক ট্রেডের অভিজ্ঞতার জন্য।

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