Market Fluctuation: Key Tips for Trading in a Fluctuating Market


Myth - randomness

Have you ever observed nature? Many things, such as the trajectory of a bee, may seem random.  At the same time, they are not – there is nothing random in nature. They appear random only because you don’t know the reasons that push this or that object in a certain direction. Normally, the brain can’t comprehend when too many things happen simultaneously – just like in the market.

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One Dollar to Achieve Success


Trading Forex is commonly associated with enormous amounts of money. Fair enough: here and there, we come across the stories of people making unbelievable profits of five to seven-digit numbers, depositing and withdrawing over and over again, and living their best life.


Is this picture real? Yes, it is. However, many people think that these lucky ones have always been that rich and successful from the very beginning and can hardly imagine that they could have started from scratch, having no money at all. Thus, trading Forex has been treated as an activity that only wealthy people can access.

A few decades ago, it truly was the case as Forex trading was accessible only for banks and powerful financiers. Thanks to the technological breakthrough, the situation has changed significantly. Millions of people got access to the Internet, and trading experienced digitalization. Multiple brokers have made it possible to trade online, track global markets anytime and anywhere, deposit and withdraw money in one click. As a result, the threshold of entering the market has decreased.

Today, Forex is about big profits, but not necessarily about big deposits. Anyone can start trading. Yes, literally, everyone. To open an account with a broker, one needs to have less money than to purchase a cup of coffee. For example, to begin a trading journey with FBS, one may deposit $1 only. ONE DOLLAR ONLY! This is enough to open a Cent account, while only $5 are needed to open a Micro one.

How comes? The point is not to deposit a big amount but to get the most out of the amount traded, be it $1 or $100. And eventually, multiply it!


Here are three easy-peasy steps that traders should take to multiply their initial deposits:

1. Choose a broker with high leverage

Leverage is one of the top assistants of those who make small deposits. The higher it is, the more opportunities a trader receives. By depositing even a tiny amount of money, you will be able to enter trades requiring bigger investments. Do you have only $10 to deposit but wanna play real? Just multiply it by thousands of times and trade to the fullest!

For example, FBS offers one of the highest leverage in the market – 1:3000. It means that by depositing $10, you will trade like if you are using $30 000! This is relevant for three out of six accounts you can open at FBS: Micro, Standard, and Zero Spread. As for the former, the minimum deposit is five dollars only!

You see? With such leverage, you get access to the bigger trades. However, remember to stay wise and make thought-through decisions: larger amounts – wider responsibilities.

2. Practice, practice, practice

This is not money a trader needs to achieve success and get high profits. These are skills. A deposit of $1000 may be lost quickly, while the deposit of $10 may turn into $1000 of profit. It all depends on feeling the market, opening and closing deals at the right time, using proper strategies, et cetera.

Absorb and apply new knowledge and practice as often as you can. FBS provides its clients with plenty of educational materials such as webinars, articles, video lessons, and others. Explore the Analytics&Education section on our website, and arm yourself with all tools needed to achieve amazing heights in the Forex market.

Remember, skills are easier to get in comparison with money, but the former lead to the latter ;)

3. Believe in yourself!

It may sound naive, but this is the fundamental rule for any trader. No matter how big your initial deposit is – if you believe in yourself and do your best to get the most out of your one, five, or ten dollars, you will achieve success!

Thus, you don’t need to deposit a huge amount of money. Neither to enter the FX market, not to get a high profit. You just have to choose a broker carefully, polish your trading skills, and stay confident.

Good luck, hero!

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How to Trade During the US Presidential Election?

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, you've probably heard, read, or participated in some heated discussions about the US presidential race. Although 2020 is totally unpredictable, the next American president's election on November 3 must be the most anticipated autumn event.

US Election - 2.png

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Learn to Earn to Learn


The story of Puspa Dewita – a successful young trader and the bright economist (coming soon).

Walking home at night after another evening shift at a restaurant, exhausted and sleepy, Puspa Dewita was thinking about the exciting classes on economics that he would attend in a few hours. A 20 years old student coming from an ordinary family and living in Jakarta, he has always wanted to become an economist. His parents supported Puspa, doing their best to find some money and pay for his education.  

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From Delivery Boy to Successful Trader


Getting some nutritious meal to eat for dinner or saving money for a small gift for the little sister? Purchasing a new t-shirt to play football or use this money to fill in the fridge? These were the dilemmas that Somchai Pongsawat coming from Nakhon Si Thammarat,had been facing every single day before he started to trade with FBS.

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Trading post-crisis: chances and opportunities


When the market was brought to ground zero by the virus and the crisis in March, you said “This is the apocalypse! I cannot enter now! Maybe the world will end tomorrow!”. Couple of months later, when the market was already in the course of recovery, you said “There is too much uncertainty! There may be a second bottom! A reversal is coming!”. A bit later, when the recovery was all around, you said “The virus second wave is over there! Doesn’t make sense to open positions!”. Now, when the S&P refreshes its historical highs on a weekly basis, you say “Oh, it’s too late already! No one entered at the highest high!”…

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A long way to the success


Almost everyone wants to become successful. However, many people give up when it comes to setting a clear goal, focusing on it, and moving to this aim, overcoming all the obstacles. Thus only a few of us make their dream come true.

If you are one of those who want to get inspiration from a story of a man who achieved his goal to become a successful trader, this article is for you. Learn how Muhammad Nur Salim from Indonesia made it and read his secrets of success.

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Team trading: like playing sports, only better

FBS League-01.jpg

If there is one thing that people all over the world share in their hearts, it is the love of sports, especially team sports. That wonderful feeling of working together towards a common goal with energy and enthusiasm is unforgettable. Every fiber of your being is concentrated on how to boost your potential to the skies and WIN. Feel that? Now, how about adding a bit of true team spirit to your trading?

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Trade to Help promotion: unparalleled results


In 2020, the world had faced one of the most terrible concerns of the past decades – COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected every single individual to a greater or lesser extent – be it in terms of physical health, financial situation, or mental wellbeing.

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8 Month to Get Followers and Inspire


When it comes to dreaming big, many of us get stuck and don't allow themselves even to try. Meanwhile, those with more enthusiasm and open minds, stay ahead of the curve in many perspective areas.

If you are one of those who desperately need encouragement, a mysterious sign to make you believe in endless opportunities, this article found the right reader. Get inspired and make your 'hidden potential' work too!

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Trading


Over the past 60 years, AI and machine learning have made a breathtaking jump from science fiction to the real world. Though these technologies are still in their youth with greater ambitions to satisfy, they have already transformed our lives drastically. The word AI is highly misused and overused, making us think that everything from a taxi app to a toothbrush is powered by it. In reality, the technology that stands behind these inventions is changing the world right here and now.

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